Is the MKMMA conducive to producing growth in a born-again, Holy Ghost filled Christian who believes in the power of The Word and their words?

Since I  had to find a subject matter that would lend itself to produce never-ending materials for blogging, I am going to post about my journey to faith and how it relates to contents conveyed in the MKMMA. 

While I am proactively participating in this class, and committing OG and others to memory and to the Subconscious, I am also, inadvertently using my brain, mental universe as been doing for years as long as I can remember. I have always been an independent thinker and have participated in almost all religions or movements of thought in order to clean myself of my Jewish and Catholic heritage. I had practiced Buddhism; New Age; mysticism; agnosticism; probably most Christian denominations, including Episcopalian, Baptist, and church-free customs.  At an early age, having been raised by a Jewish Mom and Catholic father, going to religious meetings the entire weekend—-unless we were hiking the Alps—-and I did not enjoy either, as a child, I learned to question the status quo early on. At school I was quiet as i feared the nuns but at home I make my point, loud and clear, if anyone would listen.  Even now, I am arguing with Og and Haanel and some of their exposes as I will continue to do so for a while. So, feel free to ignore me, I will not oblige to shut up. A question to be posed at the end of this blog: rgr_6392-x3-1

Who Art Thou? Man or God?






10 thoughts on “Week 1 Talking to myself

  1. Please do not shut up – I have also been an independent thinker from very young (without the nuns at school) (or the quiet I was never quiet) The lens you have adopted to focus your blog sounds deep and interesting so continue to shine Your beautiful light – questions, doubts, successes, epic failures – it is an amazing journey my friend – thank you for embarking with me upon it 🙂 I can’t wait until you post again.

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    1. Thank you so very much, Natalie, for your encouragement! I have just a few days ago learned that we had to blog here as well, not only on the MKMMA sites.I will be blogging more on the weekend. Just had a Long military day and about to hit the hay! Thanks so much again!!!! Raphaela

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