prayerFunny, I did not know that I was supposed to pick one sentence from Og’s first scroll to memorize and capitalize on; I did it based on my professional understanding, which is a rewarding experience to incorporate into this journey. After all, there are components well established in my sub-consciousness which are building blocks, columns for success and structure. I have been and continue to confess, with emotion and momentum:

“I AM receiving principles and wisdom which are guiding me out of the shadows into the sunlight of wealth, position, happiness far beyond my most extravagant dreams.”

This one is laden with dynamite and terrific sense of destiny to spur internal visualization and expectancy for manifestation. With every step I am attracting irresistibly favor with God and man/woman and move closer to birthing the substance of things hoped to be seen. I always keep my promised, Raphaela



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For clarification: the giraffe pic —-not the words and design—-is plagiarized from another MKMMA, i just don’t even recall from who!



9 thoughts on “Week 5 Stepping out of the shadows

  1. That is the exact sentence that has been singing in my heart too! I love the pictures you have created – what are you using to make them? I posted in the Alliances but Week 4s blog post is giving an error message and week 3 goes to atlas’ blog – tell me the secret know so I can read them please 🙂 Thank you for journeying with me Raphaela.


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