I would exercise construction imagination to see KCM’s Citation 10 landing on Bagram Airfield and enter into the chilly morning mist, which is awaiting the sun to unveil the dominating mountain range up front and half-way surrounding the hot-cropped-img_1578.pngspot of DoD’s Far East activity. I would/will/am waiving “hello” to 1000s of troops eagerly awaiting “The Bishop,”  eminent T.D. Jakes; accompanied by hip-hop/hard rock Newsboys proclaiming “God is Not Dead, He surely is alive!” I would stay in the background with tears, melting my eye colors with pride and 7th heaven ebullience.There are no words that can encapsulate the depth of pain the Lord must have felt when His people, the few ones who are laying down their lives for the many who need liberating or sustaining of their freedom and comfort were robbed of their religious freedom by political correctness. Marines and Soldiers in foxholes and at the front lines were no longer allowed to pray in the Name Above All Names; chaplains, their guides and “rescuers” could  neither without risking demotion. What a crazy world. Now, at least and to begin with, all Armed Forces, those who served previously and those are “in now” and their loved ones, whether they are DEERS  (official dependents) enrolled or not, can call or text 24/7 from all over the world; especially when they are a “non-existent” op. It did not really take more than the open heart of KCM, as expected; KCM’s connections to the right movers and shakers and The Bishop’s already existing will to support the troops. On my end, it took and continues to take practice and dedication to the principles which call those things which are/were not to Be and manifest. It continues to take guts and inspiration to move forward. It takes His Story to continue manifest as History.



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