Again, this is phenomenally argued and expressed!!! Thank you, Katie, for sharing your insights and thus mentoring us!!!

Katie Pribyl Masterkey

I have now entered Week 5 of my personal journey and I feel like I am drowning…

I can’t remember what I read or watched the weeks preceding.  I am getting lost as to all that I have to have done.  The check list is insurmountable and not super clear.  I think I have everything I need done but feel like I need to re-watch the webinars to make sure!  The last few weeks honestly feel like a blur.

I haven’t slept in two weeks between unpacking a whole house, keeping three kids on a balanced schedule, trying to stay afloat at work while navigating through my Definite Major Purpose AND hold down my growing side business.

Thankfully I have a new mentor who stepped up to the plate to take me on as part of her tribe.  I am excited to gain new insight and hear a varying perspective…

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