These are stairs which are leading to one of my happy places; home. “Yet, within me burns a flame which has been passed from generation uncounted and its heat is a constant irritation to my spirit to become better than I am and I will and am!!!! ” OG

421st EFS 'Black Widows' provide combat airpower

This is Bagram AB and here my heart beat beats higher: 24/7 prayerline for troops in place. Yes there are numbers Servicemembers can call from anywhere in the world; however, in many cases its challenging. This prayerline is affording them a simple 5 to 6 digit code to be transferred in seconds to powerhouses of prayer and praise; further family members can be conferenced in and participate in the communication with their creator.


Next Stop: Entebbe; Juba; Kota, and Kotoga.




Excited women, children and men are welcoming me/us as we are bringing business opportunities that empower them to be independent from those who have taken advantage of them, including abused them. I know that the notion of abuse carries  different meanings in different cultures; notwithstanding, individuals who are treated like or worse than animals have not been allotted the value their carry in the eyes of their creator.


Its being HOME, doing what I am created to do, not showing off good works; as children, we do what moves us and what directs us via the loving care of our parents. As adults, we make a lot of detours and decisions but ultimately are not happy as long as we have not found this inner knowing that we are where we belong and endeavoring what propels us. My happy place is the place where all, family, friends and strangers can meet and rest and be who they are, at their best. A pilot will not feel fulfilled if they are not flying from time to time; air and sky is calling them. A social worker/pastor/therapist  will not be in their element when not helping others in some fashion. A swimmer wants to spend time with the water and fish. My real place is to inspire others to use their talents; not as a coach would but as a fellow human connecting them with other fellow humans to glorify HIM who smiles on all creatures and loves them so uniquely as each is the most precious pearl to HIM. As I was conceived in love and brought forth with a purpose, so are billions of others. As I am “an architect of greatness, so are Billions and their vision lies within their souls;” we all peer beyond our veils and mists of doubt and pierce the walls of unborn time.” (Haanel) “What we visualize already exits in the spiritual world!”

I always keep my promises!



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