Thank you, Natalie, for giving me an idea for taking the initiative at work!!! Brilliantly portrayed and delivered.

Natalie Master Key

I took the next step in moving my DMP forward this week. I attended my first business network meeting. I know a couple of women in this group, so it was a little less scary than going to a network event where you know nobody.

We had a chance to mingle before and after the meeting. There were two of us that were new to this group. We each had a chance to provide a little information about ourselves and what we were hoping to gain from the group. Most of the group members are holistic practitioners; there were a couple of individuals in MLM.

I am not in MLM or a practitioner. I am student of life. I am carving a new path. Listening to my heart versus to those who think they know what is best for me based on their cement Buddha.

The part of the meeting…

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