I can hear the shout of the voice of the Creator, who chose to be born among us and give up His heavenly Glory, “Raphaela Come Forth!!!” The Carpenter called Lazarus to come forth and that should have been it; there should have been an explosion of light and Lazarus should have come forth and should have danced; screamed, kissing and hugging all those who had, a few minutes before, put him into the grave. But he did not. First his surviving family members had to unseal the grave, which caused a significant tumult for the annoyed crowd. Then once the grave was open an appearance comparable to a ghost wrapped in cast rolled out; in the Middle East they used to apply various substances to ensure the corps was well sealed. Here is the key, the Masterkey: Lazarus, even though raised from death, was still unable to return to life, as usual. The heavily cemented body still had to be untied; unwrapped, with a hammer possibly, to get him out of the physical prison. Even after that procedure, Lazarus, who had been in the afterworld, needed some orientation back to life to be able to embrace  his new destiny. He may have had TBI and PTSD, yet the presence of the Savior must have been all the deliverance he ever needed. He looked into the eyes of LOVE, personified, and was free. I see the Master Key Mastermind Alliance experiences epitomized here: some of us were, well, like dead, so some degree. We needed to be untied, which had been illustrated by the process of removing cement from the golden Buddha.


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