Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan


Just having returned from downrange, Afghanistan, I am meeting with Diane Sawyer to be interviewed in regards to recent exploits accomplished which have reached national interest. I am sitting at the NBC studios in New York and am wearing my fav, a bright pink silk pant suit with colorful African tribal inserts and a coveted pin from the Sec Def received for services rendered. Ms. Sawyer is wearing dark blue and her warm smile is lighting up the already more than gleaming flashlights everywhere. In my own excitement, I forget about the fairies dancing around about make-up as I insisted only have my own applied and rather be looking “natural” than “screen-ready.” My husband is waiving to signal me that camera is about to come on and I may shine my pearly whites into its directions. Now, upon being asked, I remember having sent out emails to persons of influence asking for their support and better even, their involvement. Several stakeholders I had seen during my sits have not disappointed me. Rather, they superseded my wildest expectations. KCM (Kenneth Copeland) was game immediately and told me that his Citation was ready to fly and that his network ready to receive prayer calls from all over the world. T.D. Jakes initially was not “available” but for some mysterious reason had his assistant contact me to learn more about the vision and the mission. He further came back asking what exactly I would expect him to do. Certainly, pray, I thought but this is not what I saw in my sits. He was to fly to Bagram, Baghdad and Ramstein with KCM and preach! And preach he did; I knew that he was a “sweater,” but not to that extend! And they even had AC in the large tent where we were accommodated after lengthy political and further reiterations with chaplains and other big wigs as to whether allowing religions elements downrange and into Ramstein. Downrange was easy as it was taken to be a non-official visit by a celeb, which T.D. Jakes certainly has been. KCM was more as hushed shadow but ultimately the one bringing us all down and back. The Newsboys were on my radar due to their powerful, motivating music, such as “God is Not Dead.” However, the powers that be….decided not to allow them and we ended up with Lecrae as he seemed to better fit the non-religions scene. None of the powers obviously had watched Lecrae at the Together even on DC Mall in 2016; he had been quite outspoken against religious and anti-God elements. He literally rocked the tent with about 5000 Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors and Marines. It was so loud and pro-God that the powers clearly pulled their wigs afterwards. But a Party to inaugurate the now existing 24/7 link to 24/7 prayer centers was it! I have been dreaming about this since having worked with Soldiers on Fort Myer and at Walter Reed Army Medical Center; specifically, since having worked with Military One and sending Servicemembers to helpful hotlines without supernatural power for change. I have been providing counseling services and have been keenly aware of its limitations. Since it was not advertised and linked, Servicemembers, Veterans and their families could only call or visit for secular services; chaplains, being very limited in number and faith-related execution have been scarce. Now, all military affiliated participants, parents, children, Servicemembers, spouses and so forth have the option to ask for prayer when calling the conventional hotlines and will be with one click transferred to a prayer center. Was it easy to get this done? No, but Someone Greater had a hand in this. Certainly, the directly by DoD operated Military One hotline is not part of the deal; however, thousands are calling in for services and then are asking for prayer; what has been left but to warm transfer them to The Number which is linked to a prayer center. KCM, the 700 Club, Bill Winston Ministries have been more than gracious and generous to make all that happen. How did we ever enter the walls of NBC studios? I think my subconscious must have been working diligently in step with the Almighty and the confessions which have been my daily bread.

To Be Continued.

Then, i woke up, again to the question Ms. Sawyer posed, which I thought I had already answered: “So how in the world did you pull this off?” I checked whether I could find some focal point to gain an answer from but, as if i was programmed, i heard myself responding: “a lot of prayer and standing on the promises.” I elaborated, ” To be precise, I participated in a self-exploration mentoring program which did not let me take a break; I was constantly training myself for better habits; sharpened sense for NOW and who I was in this world.” Ms. Sawyer pulled her reading glasses down and asked, “Which habits did you change and how did you dod it?” I paused and was tempted to cite Og’s first scroll but……